Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Larry and I took the older boys on a concert date last week and man, oh man, was it fun.
We ate dinner at Sizzle Pie - super yummy pizza.  AND they serve vegan pizza too, so everyone was a happy camper.
Steve was in Portland on business and he met us for dinner and was able to catch the first part of the concert.  The boys LOVE seeing him so it was an extra special touch to our date night.
The concert opened with BB Gun.  It was our first time hearing them and they're good!  We really liked them a lot.
Next was Zeale.  It was our first time hearing him too.  He's really good but too many f-bombs for me, especially with our teenagers there because it was an "all ages" concert.
We were so excited when Imagine Dragons started their performance.  They were the main reason for our concert date.  They were AMAZING, as they always are.
Awolnation was the final band for the night and they were OFF THE CHARTS amazing and the crowd was so fun.

It was SUCH a fun concert and wonderful night with our super cute teenagers.


Sherri said...

I want to go to a concert...no fair..it's been years!!!!

Nancy said...

Your boys are going to have so many wonderful memories of Mom and Dad taking them to so many cool places!!!

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