Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We saw many rainbows during our week in Hawaii but we had two stand outs.
First, this rainbow ended in the ocean!  You can see it a bit on the lower right.
Unfortunately, as I pulled my camera out, it was starting to fade.  The brightness you can see in the photo was all the way down to the water.
Second, if there were rainbow awards, this rainbow would get it.  Hands down the coolest rainbow I've ever had the privilege to witness.  It was a full double rainbow.
It wouldn't fit into any of our camera screens but luckily my brother's phone had a panorama app.
So many people were stopping along to the side of the road to take pictures but the coolest part of the rainbow was when you got out of the car.  The sight and feeling is indescribable.
I've never stood underneath a rainbow that felt like it was literally right over my head.  Not in the distance but right over me.  My heart was overwhelmed.  It was so incredible.  I wish the photos could have captured the amazingness of the moment even better.  This rainbow was a treat for my soul.  So beautiful!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


in Kailua is an absolute must-do if you are heading to Oahu.  It is a short, but steep, hike to two World War II bunkers.  The hike is about a mile up and the view is unbelievably amazing.
Most of the hike you have the ocean breeze to cool you off but don't let that fool you - make sure take sunscreen and water.  And, I would recommend wearing shoes, not sandals.

I give an enthusiastic two thumbs up for this hike.

Monday, October 29, 2012


We would see this tiki man every day to and from our campsite.  I was a little smitten with him.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Steve and I stopped on a strip of beach that is known for having sea turtles.  Boy did we stop on a great day.  There were approximately 10-15 sea turtles frolicking in the ocean, body surfing, using a rock ledge as a slip and slide AND there was a baby one with them, about the size of a turkey platter.  They were hilarious and having so much fun.
If you look closely, you can see a bunch of them in this forming wave.
It was such a fun sight to see!  They had us tourists ooohing and ahhhing and even cheering for them when the wave got them off the rock ledge, if they had been out a little longer than the normal 2-5 wave rotation to get put back in the ocean.

They were having a blast and it was so fun to see this group of playful turtles.  It was a wonderful afternoon!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


I knew I couldn't bring Lach his flowing lava request, but a coconut I figured would be no sweat.
I bought a fresh green coconut from a roadside fruit stand and took it to the post office to mail it.  "No way", I was told by the postmaster.  I could only mail a coconut if it was dried and brown.  Uggg, I was so sad.  I decided to see if they would let me take it on the plane.
At the airport, I went to a nice older gentleman at the agriculture scanner and asked him if I could take it.  No problem.  Yippee, I was so happy.  I was going to get cool mom points with the 5 year old!
If I could grow a coconut tree in my backyard, I'd have many.  SO delicious.  I am happy, happy, happy.

PS - Our seven year old informed us he likes the dried sugary coconut better.


My man clan stayed in rainy Oregon (man, did I miss them!) and I roughed it on the Hawaiian beaches.
This was our campsite for the week, on the edge of the beach, at Camp Mokule'ia.
Our sister is going to school in Hawaii, so Steve and I were able to hang out with her a few of the days.
For those of you who don't know my brother, he's a riot.  This photo gives you a good glimpse into my week.  Needless to say, we laughed a lot!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Larry and I took the older boys on a concert date last week and man, oh man, was it fun.
We ate dinner at Sizzle Pie - super yummy pizza.  AND they serve vegan pizza too, so everyone was a happy camper.
Steve was in Portland on business and he met us for dinner and was able to catch the first part of the concert.  The boys LOVE seeing him so it was an extra special touch to our date night.
The concert opened with BB Gun.  It was our first time hearing them and they're good!  We really liked them a lot.
Next was Zeale.  It was our first time hearing him too.  He's really good but too many f-bombs for me, especially with our teenagers there because it was an "all ages" concert.
We were so excited when Imagine Dragons started their performance.  They were the main reason for our concert date.  They were AMAZING, as they always are.
Awolnation was the final band for the night and they were OFF THE CHARTS amazing and the crowd was so fun.

It was SUCH a fun concert and wonderful night with our super cute teenagers.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


as part of the weekend festivities at the Hop and Heritage Festival in Independence.  It was so fun!
The race started downtown and ended at the award winning Rogue Farms, where there was an awards ceremony for the riders and Rogue provided their amazingly delicious rootbeer for the volunteers and riders.
PS - Do you roll with Larry?
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