Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We saw many rainbows during our week in Hawaii but we had two stand outs.
First, this rainbow ended in the ocean!  You can see it a bit on the lower right.
Unfortunately, as I pulled my camera out, it was starting to fade.  The brightness you can see in the photo was all the way down to the water.
Second, if there were rainbow awards, this rainbow would get it.  Hands down the coolest rainbow I've ever had the privilege to witness.  It was a full double rainbow.
It wouldn't fit into any of our camera screens but luckily my brother's phone had a panorama app.
So many people were stopping along to the side of the road to take pictures but the coolest part of the rainbow was when you got out of the car.  The sight and feeling is indescribable.
I've never stood underneath a rainbow that felt like it was literally right over my head.  Not in the distance but right over me.  My heart was overwhelmed.  It was so incredible.  I wish the photos could have captured the amazingness of the moment even better.  This rainbow was a treat for my soul.  So beautiful!


Nancy said...

This is so amazing!!

Sherri said...

Those are amazing!
We are studying Noah and the ark at home...and we saw a rainbow..but it wasn't even strong enough to show up in the picture! These are absolutely breath taking! look really thin! :)

neffie said...

LOVED seeing those rainbows!!! :-)

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