Saturday, March 7, 2015


I've been looking through old family photographs my sister has scanned and have been drawn to family pictures taken in front of their homes.  I think this is such a treasure.  I absolutely love seeing my ancestors and their homes!
Vine Cottage in Thatcher, Arizona around 1900
Pictured is my 2nd great grandmother, Sylvia Louise Bentley Sessions, 3rd great grandmother, Sarah Ellen Haws Sessions and my great grandmother, Martha Louise Sessions Huntzinger

1896 family photo in front of their Utah home.
This family photo includes my great grandfather, William Daniels, my 2nd great grandparents, Petrea Christofferson Daniels and Charles Henrick Daniels and my 3rd great grandparents, William Frederick Daniels and Sophia Thompson Daniels.

Rose Cottage on Bay Street in Santa Monica, CA in 1884
Pictured is my 3rd great grandfather, Edgar Sessions and my 2nd great grandmother, Sylvia Louise Bentley Sessions and other family members

My 2nd great grandparents, George Edwin Young and Sarah DeArmon Rich Young, in front of their Gusher, Utah home, around 1940.

My 3rd great grandmother, Katurah Vaughn Vincent and 2nd great grandmother, Harriet Maria Vincent Smith on the porch, of possibly the Mercur, Utah home, in 1912.

My grandfather, Ferra Marcel Young, with his siblings and parents, Sarah DeArmon Rich Young and George Edwin Young, around 1925 in Gusher, Utah.

My great grandmother, Rachael Elizabeth Smith Daniels and Harriet Maria Vincent Smith on the porch, of possibly the Mercur, Utah home, in 1912.

My 3rd great grandmother, Sarah DeArmon Pea Rich, in front of her home in Salt Lake City, Utah, around 1890

Home of my 3rd great grandfather, John Stock in Paris, Utah.
In 2008, my sister and I took an impromtu family history trip.  We knocked on the door and got a tour of the home!   

This year, my goal is to have a family picture taken in front of our home.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


getting to explore Battery Russell at Fort Stevens.  It was definitely a highlight for my man clan!
We cannot wait to go back on a camping trip.  It's moved to the top of the list!


to Fort Stevens to see The Peter Iredale, which has been in this spot since 1906.  It was fun to show the boys this history in the sand and ocean - it is amazing!  This wreckage is 108 years old!

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