Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Last night I was driving home from paddling practice and I got a phone call to meet Larry at the emergency room.  All I knew was that Larry J was driving him there and Larry's thumb and an ax collided.  I was praying that his thumb wasn't off.
It was really bad and deep but it was attached.  Thankfully the ax went down his thumb instead of across it.
It was one of those stupid, freaky accidents involving bad timing with an ax.  My poor husband!  It went through his nail, to just above the joint but it did hit bone and chipped a bit off.
While we were there I tried to get Larry and Larry J to watch The Bachelor but that was a big huge NO.
Larry ended up getting six stitches up to the nail.  They left his thumbnail on and used sterstrips to hold it closed.
It's all bandaged up with a splint that he will have to wear for a few weeks.  Although it was a long night at the ER and he had a horrible wound, I am thankful that his thumb is attached, by spring it will all be a memory and that he realized duct-tape and super glue wouldn't fix this wound.

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Sherri said...

Wow! That is a terrible accident! I am so glad he has his thumb! OUCH!!!!

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