Tuesday, July 2, 2013


We're celebrating our 20 year anniversary today.
In 20 years, we have moved 8 times in the same city
purchased 1 home
created 4 boys
owned 1 iguana (RIP Ernie), 1 dog and 5 chickens
rescued and hand fed 1 baby bird and 2 baby squirrels
had 6-ish jobs and many hobbies
had fun vacations
owned 6 cars, 1 truck and 1 motorcycle
we've felt rich and we've felt poor
we've had good times and we've had not so good times
we've had sickness and we've had health
Larry Peterson, I'm so glad I'm the one that gets to be with you.
I love this man.  
I love that I get to kiss him whenever I want.


Kleckerei said...

What a sweet post.
Congrats and many more years to come for you!


Laura said...

Thank you Susann :-}

Sherri said...

Happy Anniversary...love your post..what a great marriage! :)

Heather said...

Love this post as much as I love you both!!!!

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