Sunday, August 18, 2013


The older boys were out for the evening having teenager fun.  Our parent's ward was having a swim party and they invited us to bring the wee ones.
I have titled this photo as Farmer Tans and Loosing Britches
The lovebirds on the left are celebrating their 47th wedding anniversary on Tuesday.
The lovebirds on the right just celebrated their 45th.
Our parents rock and I'm so glad they are best friends!
It was a fun summer evening and a super fun ward activity.  Hopefully we'll get an invite next year! (hint, hint)


Sherri said...

I'm so glad your back blogging...FB is fun...but I love your blog!!!
Plus...I have to admit, I love when you comment on mine...thanks for taking the time!
The first picture is so awesome...I can't hardly stand it..It's my favorite of all time!
Did your parents know each other before you and Larry?

Laura said...

We met Joan a week after we moved here. She sent Larry over to our house to meet me. :-)

neffie said...

HAHAHA!!!! "Farmer's tans and losing britches!"

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