Monday, January 20, 2014


We found Thor's Well with only 20 minutes of sunlight left and the tide was just starting to come in. I was so excited we found it but disappointed we didn't have the light and water level for a super cool photo.  We will definitely be back when the tide is right to get some fun photographs.
It is a salt water fountain driven by the the power of the ocean tide and is gorgeous.
The following two photos are my favorites.  When I saw these pictures, I knew I had to see this place for myself.
photo credit djniks
photo credit Miles Morgan
Is Thor's Well cool or what?!


Paige said...


Sherri said...

I can't stand how amazing you are at exploring with your crew! I want to tag along! I want to bring a few of my own crew too...maybe 9 of us?? That's not too much to ask??? Is it??

Heather said...

We wanna go back with you!!! I had determined this may not exist! So happy it does! Love this post!

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