Sunday, May 25, 2014


This is the Wiencken family - Larry's 2nd great grandparents and the cute little girl up front is Larry's great grandmother.
Today we visited a few of them.  We cleaned their headstones, there was a lot of lichen growing on them, and tidied up the surrounding area.
I cut some of Grandma Betty's peonies this morning from our garden and we took them to the cemetery.  They looked gorgeous by the headstones.
I printed images of the family members so that it would help put a face to a name for my man clan.  It was such a great family history excursion.  They want to know more about these family members now and that thrills me!
You don't associate the word "darling" with a cemetery, but this one really is.  It is beautiful, old and oh so charming. 
Today was a good, good day.

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