Sunday, June 15, 2014


Last night we had an incredibly beautiful, romantic and fun wedding reception for a beautiful bride, Ashley.
I made the wedding cake - vanilla with raspberry filling, white polka dots, gold chevron and fresh flowers.
Larry came to my rescue with cutting the chevron out - luckily he has a math brain and figured out the dimensions we needed.  He also drove me and the cake for delivery - I think I held my breath the entire time.
Here is the cake set up with all the flowers applied and the cutest 'love is sweet' sign.  The details of this reception were amazing. It was seriously breathtaking.
The dance floor provided lots of boogie-woogie fun and the sweeping white fabric and lights were magical.
There was a lemonade stand with the cutest mason jars, cutout lids and paper straws.  The lemonade stand served strawberry, watermelon and blueberry lemonade.
The Sweet Shoppe had sweet treats galore.  It was any sugaraholic's sweet dream.
The gorgeous couple greeted a gazillion guests, got lots of hugs and well wishes.
The cute little lad on the bench is Landon - bored out of his gourd.   Romance, shmromance.
We watched the couple's first dance.  My favorite part was watching my beautiful friend, beaming with pride, watch her daughter dance with her groom.  I have to admit, I watched with tears streaming down my face.
And then the daddy-daughter dance.  I'm so happy for this amazing family.
It was the happiest night.
bottom photo credit: heather hemmert
Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Hegerman!

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Heather said...

I cannot stop staring at this post! I have been glowing since last night, I AM SO HAPPY WITH HOW EVERYTHING WENT! I have the very best of friends and family! xoxo

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