Saturday, August 4, 2012


We had two couches in the 2nd Annual Capital City Couch Race.  We named them LongBoardLarry Pro (our new couch) and LongBoardLarry Amateur (last year's winning couch)
Here is 'Amateur' crossing the finish line in one of the races.
Both couches ended up in the finals and had to race each other!
'Pro' won!
Here is Larry and the other two riders, Brian and Anthony, showing his guns.

One of the fun things 'Pro' had was a parachute that got deployed after the finish line. (I made it!)
Look at that beauty.  It didn't help them slow down though, not one little bit.

There were so many creative couches - check out this pirate ship and whale that squirted water.
And seriously, how much fun do they look like they are having?  This was the atmosphere of the couch race - so much fun!!


The Laundry Queen said...

I wanna go! How fun!

Nancy said...

Congratulations!!!! Both couches, way to go!!!!

Heather said...

Super Cool! You guys are so creative and awesome!

Sherri said...

This is incredible fun!!! I wish I could say, "I am going to do this with my kids!" But how???? I don't know how to make a couch that rolls!

Monica said...

So cool. You just have way too much fun.

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