Saturday, August 25, 2012


I was one of the 3600 volunteers this weekend for Hood to Coast - the largest relay in the world, and it was SO much fun!
We were so excited when we saw part of our team at the exchange we were volunteers at.
Here's Heather pointing to a great parking spot.  That was our job - directing traffic at Exchange 30.

I was also looking for my brother, Ivon, and one of my idols - running extraordinaire, Kelly, but didn't see either one of them - bummer for me!
Seeing these five smiling faces, you'd never guess they were exhausted, would you?!
It was only a four hour shift and it was inspiring, motivating and a blast.  I saw runners of all ages and skill level.  My favorite runner was an older man - he looked like he was in his 80's and he was spunky and booking it - I loved watching him running past me to the end of his leg.  It was so awesome.

All the runners were so happy, positive and incredibly APPRECIATIVE of the volunteers.  Countless "thanks for being here!", "thanks for volunteering!", etc...from the runners, they handed us tokens of appreciation - lollipops, noise makers, high fives, huge exhausted smiles and I even got serenaded with "Call Me Maybe" - so funny.

Super fun experience and I absolutely want to be one of the runners next year.


Heather said...

It really was such an honor and I am so glad I got to share this with you!!!! LET'S GET A TEAM FOR NEXT YEAR!!!!

Monica said...

Can I run on your team ... pretty please?! It's on my bucket list!

Sherri said...

This is awesome!!!!
I am finally starting to run again! :)
It's miserable right now..but I know I like I'll stick with it! :)

Laura said...

Monica - that would be SO awesome!!

Sherri - one of these days we will run together and I'll watch you zip on past me.

Emily Wheeler said...

thats awesome

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