Saturday, April 13, 2013


but luckily for us they were at the same field, so we took turns running back and forth to see them.
It was Lach's very first EVER t-ball game and it was the funniest game I have ever seen in my life. He doesn't have a clue what he's supposed to be doing out there. He chases the ball instead of running to the bases. When he's in the outfield, instead of throwing the ball in, he holds it straight up in the air proudly because he is now the one who 'has it!' It's a riot and he's having so much fun!! 

Landon played t-ball last year but today was his first baseball game.  Having a ball pitched is something new for him but he loves it.

 It will be a super fun season watching these two.  My wee ones are growing up!  Gah!


The Laundry Queen said...

How fun! I love t-ball. How lucky that the games were at the same field. We had two soccer games at the same time this morning but they were over 30 minutes away from each other. We had to divide and conquer. Great pictures!

Sherri said...

Non of my kids play softball! I don't know why...(or baseball). Chelsea tried one year and enjoyed it, but she hasn't played again! I asked them this year...and they all said NO!
You guys are so lucky to have them on the same field...we have been splitting up lately! It's not nearly as fun!
I love the details of his first year playing...too cute!

neffie said...

Oh the cuteness kills me!!! This was so cute to read!!

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