Saturday, March 30, 2013


My sister, Stephanie, is working on a project for her Human Development in the Social Environment class.  She is creating awareness on acceptance and self-esteem. Her idea is to take normal traits, skills and / or talents and to turn them into a superpower.
She is a wonderful artist and has created several characters that showcase different skills or talents.  Her site helps children to think and to decide what their superpower is. She wants to help children build up self-esteem by showing them that differences aren't bad and that we all have something that makes us who we are and most importantly to embrace their uniqueness. She's also wanting to promote accepting others even if they are quirky or "different" from other kids in the classroom or society.
Here's an example of a few of her characters:
Grif, the honest boy from Georgia. He uses his superpower to always be honest in every place and thing he does. He's well respected in his home, school and within the community. Everyone knows they can rely on Captain Truth!
Layla  from Egypt. She uses her superpower to touch her friends and the community on levels that words alone can't. She agrees with Mr. Hamlet about practicing on a talent that you love is important. She's often praised for having a voice of an angel.
This is Hugh from California and he's adventurous. He uses his superpower to explore the world around him. After he discovers new places and things to do, he'll come back and share it with his friends. He believes excitement in life is important.

There are postcards that can be printed for each character and the back of the card has places for the kids to create their own superhero.

Visit and check it out and share it.


neffie said...

Thanks for posting Laura!

Sherri said...

love it! I love all of Steph's work!

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