Monday, September 2, 2013


Lach is turning six and we celebrated his birthday early with a family party.  We had a pasta potluck because this boy loves his macaroni and cheese.  Then, of course, it was presents and cake.
Lach's cake was a hot mess.  Thankfully, this happy go lucky boy of ours turned it to a positive and saved his mama lots of tears.
I put blue cake balls in it as a surprise for him and as I was icing it, the cake was peeling away in front of our eyes.  No amount of icing could save it.  The weight of the icing would actually make it peel away even more.  Lach decided that the blue cake balls were lava bombs and made the cake explode.  So this was named the year of the explosion cake.
He was spoiled with presents and it was a pure joy watching him unwrap them.  He is a little ball of excitement.  Only six more days until he's officially six!


Monica said...

Oh my gosh, reminds me of Eliot's 5th b-day cake ... so stressful!! So great that kids are forgiving and imaginative, right?! Can't believe these boys are getting so old! Wasn't it just yesterday they were hanging out in diapers and playing trains in your front room?!

Sherri said...

I absolutely love everything about this post! It makes me smile from ear to ear! The overalls...the smiles...and of course the awesome cake!!!

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