Monday, September 23, 2013


This weekend I was in California with my high school best friend and some other women I hadn't met.
Actually, no one there knew every person, so it was dubbed the mystery women getaway. It ended up being a series of unfortunate events and a lot of amazingness.  It was most definitely a beautiful mess.
Due to a last minute flight cancellation, six of the eight women didn't have a way to California ( I will NEVER fly Allegiant Air) and that started a wave of events.  Luckily they got tickets with another airline, but they weren't able to fly out until the next day.
I was already at the Oakland Airport waiting for them.  Thankfully, one of the other women lives close so I was able to take the BART to her and we started the weekend fun, that sadly, the Utah lasses missed out on.
We bonded straightaway and I feel like I've known Rebecca forever.
We hung out in her neck of the woods and in the morning we drove down to Monterey and went sea kayaking - oh my goodness, was that fun!  One highlight was we had six curious seals that kept coming really close, one even rolled over like it wanted it's belly rubbed!
Finally, everyone was in one place and I got to hug my Kristen Pisten!
It was such a great weekend reconnecting with Kristen and getting to know the other lasses.  We rented an amazing house in Pacific Grove, stayed up to the wee hours of the night, went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, enjoyed the coastal gorgeousness, had a birthday celebration, walked around Carmel, ate at delicious restaurants (every restaurant we went to was very vegan friendly - it was so nice!) explored 17 mile drive and laughed so hard I almost wet pants.
I had no doubt I'd like all the women this weekend, but I had no idea how fast I'd fall for them.  They are spectacular!!  Although this weekend had circumstances beyond our control, this weekend gets a four star review.


Jana Goehring said...

What a wonderful week end for you all, but especially you and Kristen. Pebble Beach holds a very special place in our families life. Great memories!

Laura said...

It was awesome Jana! I absolutely LOVE your daughter!! :-)

Sherri said...

Everything about you is just pure fun!!! Too much fun! I should have been one of those mystery women! Oh! I forgot...Mark isn't big on me leaving! Oh well! Next time one of the mystery women will have to bring her mystery man too!

neffie said...

Sounds super fun. I got sketched out over allegiant when i read about all their fees! They may be cheap but sometimes you can get cheap with other airlines too.

heather said...

Such a fun weekend and full of great memories and laughter!

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