Saturday, May 1, 2010


Kim is and she looks like she's thirty.
A fun surprise party was held for her and it was indeed a surprise!
Kim is funny, caring, witty, loving, smart, beautiful, has a great memory and is a great friend.
I'm proud to call her my cousin!


Portia Cason said...

Happy birthday, Kim! I'm pretty sure we were just at Ricks, like, two years ago, so I'm not sure how we're this old! ;)

Nancy said...

I love the coffin cake! Oh and Kim, the port-a-potty may come in handy some day. Until then you could put a pot underneath it, put it in your yard and use it as a planter.....just sayin'. ;)

Kim said...

Hahahaha Nancy that's hilarious!! Thanks Laura for a fun post and for taking pictures ~ I was a little in shock! And yes Portia....I have no idea how we've fit 22 years into the last 2 :-)

Family Fun said...

WOW what a great cake...looks like a lot of fun!!!!

NaDell said...

Sounds like a great party! Glad you had a fun day! (And that your dad is fit enough to fight off the bad guy!)

NaDell said...

Opps. I thought it was Kim's blog still.....Way to be a GREAT friend! And keep a secret!

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