Thursday, June 24, 2010


Photo taken from Kristen's facebook account
I have always admired Kristen for both her inner and outer beauty and her kind spirit.
She's one of those people that you love instantly.
She's amazing - always has been, always will.
Her latest awesome, amazing completed task - RAGNAR.
Last week she was with 11 running buddies, 2 vans and they ran 200-ish miles in 24 hours!
See what I mean? Amazing!
Sounds kind of fun, huh!
I wonder where the NW Relay will be in 2011?
Anyone interested?


Ivon said...

Was this hood to coast? I may be interested doing some fun with you.

Laura said...

No, it was in Utah. The NW Relay this year is in Seattle. I'm not sure if it's in Seattle every year or not.

Laura said...

With this relay each person runs 3 legs ranging from 3-8 miles.

Kim said...

Sounds fun!

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