Wednesday, November 24, 2010


doughnut challenge is a must with out of town visitors. $4 for 80 seconds of fun.
The doughnuts are the size of a plate and equivalent to six full size donuts.

We had a confident group of doughnut eaters.
No one was able to beat the clock. Maybe next time?

PS - Who can resist a photo booth?


Nancy said...

Boys will be boys, with doughnuts.......errr and in the photo booth????

Sherri said...

Where do you find all your peeps????
They seem to be just as crazy fun as you!!!
That is AWESOME!!
I want to go to VooDoo with you guys and eat plate size doughnuts...Fun!!!

Katie said...

Oh my goodness...those donuts are huge. What a fun contest.

Ivon said...

I want to do it again.

Kim said...

I told Tyler about this and he and Jay totally want to do this ~ guess we will be making a(nother) Portland trip soon!

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