Sunday, November 14, 2010


Brandon Flowers, that is. What an awesome concert!
In September Larry bought us tickets to see Brandon Flowers playing at the Roseland and the night finally came! The energy in the theater was exhilarating! Larry and I have had some awesome date nights and this one is definitely one of the best!
We were front and center and it was so much fun! Fran Healy opened and oh my goodness is he funny and he had great music!
The only thing I would have changed about the evening is not to have to take photos with my phone - I wish I could have had my real camera with me!
I just have to say it one more time - the concert was awesome, awesome, AWESOME!!


The Mulligan Family said...

You got some AWESOME photo's Laura. Did you stand through the concert? That's the only think I've not enjoyed about the Roseland in the past. But, I guess you would have been floating on a cloud - so it would have been FINE!

Laura said...

I love standing at the Roseland - I love being that close to the action. We were right up front in the center and everyone was way into the concert so it was super fun. Brandon Flowers looked at me twice! SWOON, SWOON!! :-)

Kim said...

Those are pretty great pics ~ I wouldn't have known they were with your phone if you hadn't mentioned it.

So glad you had fun seeing your b-friend!!

Full House said...

Those pictures are still pretty darn good from your phone. I love good concerts and think they make for good date nights..glad you and the hub have good ones. I need to look into this Brandon Flowers.

Ruth said...

I liked the photos! Good job! Who's Brandon Flowers?

neffie said...

I concur with the previous comments, those photos are amazing and I wouldn't know that they were form your phone you if you didn't say anything.

I'm glad you had a blast!

Anonymous said...

Even though they were taken with your phone, they are still great photos. I especially like the ones where he is a silhouette.

Sherri said...

This would be so much fun!!!

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