Monday, November 28, 2011


and am so excited! Three of the five are done. I won't post the other two until after Christmas because my older boys check this bloggity blog.Landon loves all things Luigi.
Lach wanted to be Superman with laser eyes.
And of course, our cute pup with her heart shaped nose. I'm so excited to get them framed for Christmas.

If you want some original art work for a present, especially for the people on your list who have everything, you should contact my sister and have her create something wonderful.


Sherri said...

I absolutely love it!
I am so excited to get mine!!!!

Charlene said...

I also commissioned artwork from Stephanie. Love, love, love how they turned out - especially Lexi's. That reminds me I need to get them printed soon!

Nancy said...

These are great!!

Ivon said...

Awesome art. You boys personality are showing. Lilly is cute too.

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