Saturday, June 2, 2012


When we saw that the Mother Earth News Fair was going to be in Puyallup, we thought it would be fun to go.
When I saw that Ed Begley Jr was going to be there, I knew we HAD to go!
I found the booth Ed was in before he went on stage to speak.  I was so excited!  That smile didn't leave my face all day.  Larry was in a solar class, so he missed it  :-(

Ed's presentation was amazing.  Top three pointers I got were:
1.  Get a home energy audit.
2.  Don't go into debt going green.  Do what you can with the simple and inexpensive changes first.  With the savings you are getting from your changes, upgrade to better green options when you can.
3.  Live simply so that others can simply live.    

PS - For those of you who love Ed also, and are wondering if Living With Ed will be coming back, it won't. BUT there is great news.  A new series called On Begley Street will.  It will either be on cable or a web series.  Yay!


Sherri said...

I've never heard of him...but if he makes you smile unstop...I'm going to find out all about him!

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