Monday, June 11, 2012


When Landon got his avatar haircut, he really, really, REALLY wanted his arrow to be blue.  We told him that if he still liked his Aang haircut in a few weeks, we'd dye it for him for the last week of school.
Tonight was the night.
The first step was to bleach his hair.  He was so excited when he saw it blonde, he asked, "Since I have golden hair, does that mean I'm the golden child of the family?"
 It's blue now and the arrow has been reshaped.  He is ecstatic!

He wanted his eyelids blue also, so that when he closed his eyes it would look like he was in the avatar state.  I love his imagination and creativity but we had to draw the line somewhere....


Sherri said...

You guys simply rock!!!!
I love the blue arrow!!!

Nancy said...

How was it at school? Mr. Popular? He looks so cute!!!!

charlene said...

"Golden child" made me laugh!

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