Thursday, July 12, 2012


of her father's. Two kitchen knifes.
These knifes are about 80 years old and they are still in use in the kitchen.

Her father was a handyman.  When one of the rivets came out of the knife, he replaced it with a copper rivet.  That's my favorite part of the knife.
Robert McConnell was also an inventor and didn't even know it.  One awesome memory my mother-in-law has, is that they had an automatic garage door opener before they were invented.

I love hearing stories about him. I can see that Larry inherited some of his characteristics.

If Larry and I lived in his time, I could completely imagine me making a comment about getting wet and cold when I had to open the garage.  Larry would get an idea and whip something up in no time to surprise me.  Viola!  An opener for the garage.  Just push the button.  Problem solved, easy peasy.

Larry has an amazing brain.  It's fun to see where he gets some of his tinkering ideas from.


Nancy said...

Larry definitely got this gene!!!

Sherri said...

This is so cool!
Your family is the best at embracing heritage!
I always love to hear your stories!

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