Sunday, July 15, 2012


We took the boys to the Wildlife Safari in Winston and they loved every moment of it.  It's gorgeous and we saw so many animals!  After you drive the 4.5 mile safari village, which you can go through twice, there is a cute petting zoo and a few extras you can do with some animals.
Seeing the bears was one of our favorite parts.  It made us super excited for Wyoming.
The cheetahs have to be sectioned off for successful mating.  The sign said they get stressed out.  I loved the Lover's Lane sign.
The Elephant Car Wash wasn't open until later in the afternoon, so we missed it.  Next time, we'll make sure we plan for that.
Landon, Lach and Laird wanted to ride the camel.  I told them I want MY first camel ride to be in Egypt.  It could happen....
They have a cute train ride for the kids.  You wouldn't drive out here just for the train ride, but it's only $2 and the wee ones thought it was wonderful.
A super fun part is the bird cage.  It's free to enter but if you want a seed stick, it's only $1.  Lots of really colorful, playful birds.  They sit on your head, try to get into your purse and pockets - one tried getting into Larry J's shirt sleeve.  I was worried we might get pooped on but we stayed poop free - whew!
When you go, take extra money for the little excursions they offer.  Most are very reasonably priced so that a family can take advantage of the experience.  Garaffe feeding, baby cheetah playing, tug of war with a lion - really cool things!

Some of the more expensive ones would be an amazing birthday present.  Lion feeding, a half day with a ranger, etc...

We loved our day at the safari.  It received a man clan two thumbs up!


Sherri said...

We have something like this here..I need to take the kids, it looks like a blast!!!

Our Journey said...

Ok... You must have a really nice camera or are just really good at what you do cause you always seem to have such great pictures. Its also fun to see your kids since I dont know them very well!!

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