Sunday, September 16, 2012


Larry and I went to see Chicago play at the zoo.  It was a perfect summer's night and middle school and high school memories were flooding back, as we sat there with my cooler toe elevated on my purse, swaying and singing along.  Without Peter Cetera, I was wondering if I would be disappointed, nope, I wasn't - it was wonderful.
It was a sold out concert and when we got there the lawn was PACKED.  We found a tiny patch behind a bush.  We thought it was so funny where we were sitting.  We didn't care a bit - the music was fantastic and we were surrounded by really fun people.
We weren't completely deprived of a view, we could see a smidge of the stage.
As the evening went on, some people moved spots, so we were able to move over and up.  Larry and I love people watching, and it was so fun watching people, of all ages, having a great time swaying, dancing and singing along to great tunes.  It was a beautiful, beautiful evening.


Heather said...

Awesome seats! That is hilarious! Seriously, when listening to Chicago all you really wanna do is look into your hubby's sexy eyes! :) Love this!

neffie said...

I laughed at your seats! LOL Glad you had fun!

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