Friday, November 2, 2012


Steve and I stopped in at the Dole Plantation and went through the variety garden and the pineapple garden maze.  The maze, in 2008, was declared the world's largest maze.  It is really fun.  There are eight stations you have to find in it.
Steve and I were quite the team.  There were two people we were trying to beat, but they didn't know it was a competition between us.  We found the last station first, but they got out of the maze before us.  It was a blast.        
I never knew pineapple plants were so brutal - sharp spikes everywhere - ouch!  And, I also never knew there were so many different varieties.  
You learn something new everyday and knowing is half the battle, right?    


Paige said...


Nancy said...

G-I Joe!!!!

Sherri said...

I can't even imagine going to a pineapple farm...way too cool!

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