Monday, November 26, 2012


that we are starting this year.

Although we teach the boys the true meaning of Christmas, I've noticed through the years that sometimes, unintentionally, throughout the Christmas season, were hurrying through it to get to the "fun stuff."  You know, writing letters to Santa, the Santa countdown.  Don't get me wrong, I love the magic of Santa and all the family fun that comes with it.  The problem is, is that we don't spend equal amounts of time in our family focusing on the reality of the Savior and the true meaning of Christmas.

I was wondering how I could keep it on the forefront without hearing an appeasing brushoff like, "I know, I know, so when can we do (insert Santa activity)?"   I ordered A Christ-Centered Christmas by Emily Freeman along with a small nativity and let me tell you what is so cool about it.
There are seven chapters that you can break up into seven weeks or seven nights.  We are going to do it in seven weeks, so that we can keep talking about it throughout the week.  The awesome thing about this book it that it isn't 'one more thing to do', it's set up to add to what you already do.  I'm in love with this approach to teach the boys and have them ponder the lesson throughout the week in their boy hearts.

Every week only one figurine will be added to this nativity scene and the lesson is about that figurine.  The chapters are set up for all ages, so we will be able to teach year after year and adjust it to the boy's age and attention span.

Let me give you a few examples.  The chapter about Mary talks about her character and what she might have been pondering in her heart.  One suggestion is to make heart shaped sugar cookies, and as we are decorating them, discuss with the boys their thoughts about if they could have been anyone present on the first Christmas, who would they be and why?  The chapter about Joseph is how he must have felt when there was no room in the inn.  It teaches about service and how acts of service make room in our hearts for the Savior.  One suggestion is to perform a secret act of service as a family. The chapter on angels focuses on our favorite carols that testify of Christ.  One suggestion is to sing them as a family and drink yummy hot cocoa.

I'm so excited to start the seven nativity traditions this week.  I know my man clan will love it and look forward to the next lesson and the next, until the nativity is complete.

What are some of your favorite traditions?


Ardith Haws said...

Awesome. Love it!

Sherri said...

At the end of Easter last year, I felt a huge I just went through all the Holidays...and missed it! I made a decision to make sure that this year was different! I love this book..and the whole idea behind it! It's perfect!

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