Saturday, February 2, 2013


Strawberry covered chocolate cake.  I had a big fail on this project. Tastes delicious but oh my goodness, was it a disaster!
The plan was to layer brownie batter and strawberry cake in a cupcake liner.  Add pink icing and voila, a valentine yummy morsel.
Disaster #1 - You can't get the brownie out of the cupcake liner!!
I only have one muffin pan, so the rest of the batter I layered in a 9x13 and baked it.

Disaster #2 - although the toothpick came out clean, the brownie could have baked five more minutes.

Disaster #3 - you know when you mix cornstarch and water and it's either thick like glue or super runny?  That was my icing.

Disaster #4 - when I put the icing on the cake, it wouldn't spread without ripping up the cake.

Total disaster but super, duper good!

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Sherri said...

I love your version!!!

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