Sunday, February 17, 2013


a lot of fun.
We had some deep discussions, reminiscing, some tears, a lot of laughter and a few adventures along the way to Utah and back home.
On the way home we saw some beautiful wide open spaces filled with crisp, white snow.  We pulled along the roadside and took pictures.  We have a few pictures of me taking a picture of Michael, who is taking a picture of dad, who is taking a picture of the snow.  We got the giggles and thought this was hilarious.
Utah is beautiful in the winter.
We stopped by Snake River in Idaho
We had also stopped in at Burley, Idaho hoping to find the house my grandfather was born in but the two addresses we had don't exist.  Man was our bubble burst.  We have some investigating to do there.
Dad and Mike begrudgingly went along with me wanting posed snuggling pictures.  I thought this was HILARIOUS but they didn't find it as funny as me.
We also stopped at Shoshone Falls, which is gorgeous!
I'd LOVE to go there in the spring when the water is heavy and raging.  I've added this little excursion to things I want my man clan to see.  It's absolutely beautiful.

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Sherri said...

You know how to capture the best of life..your an amazing photographer!

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