Thursday, May 16, 2013


in Tacoma is so cool!  To tell you the truth, I wasn't super excited about going but knew the man clan were going to love it.  What I didn't expect, was for me to love the LeMay Museum too.
It's a four story museum filled with American cars, history and technology.  There are also a few motorcycles, trucks, the Flintstone mobile from the movie and the best part is they have three race simulators.
While the man clan have car knowledge, I was loving the license plates, hood ornaments and Triumphs.
We have passed this museum a gazillion times on the way to Seattle.  It's next to the Tacoma Dome and most definitely worth the stop.

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Sherri said...

This is incredible!
I took my kids to a transportation museum...and we all thought it was going to be boring....quite the opposite! We loved it! I can't imagine how much we would dig this place!

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