Saturday, May 11, 2013


in Tacoma was my first dragon boat race this weekend.  I've been paddling with Pax Bellatoris (latin for Peace Dragon Warriors), a mixed team, since the end of last summer. (Peace Dragon Warriors is the all woman team.)  Today was the day to show the results of our hard work.
I couldn't stop looking at this gorgeous view!
We had gorgeous weather, surrounded by happy people, we were proud of our race results and we left exhausted - every ounce of energy was left on the water.  It was wonderful.


Kleckerei said...

Wow, I've just recently watched a documentation about dragon boat races :) Thanks for the pictures. Makes me feel like I've witnesed it live :)


Sherri said...

I have I told you that I think your amazing! I love all the cool things you do!

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