Sunday, May 26, 2013


in Vancouver, Washington is a non-profit organization benefiting disabled veterans.  Today was their first fundraiser and we participated.
Some heats we won and some we lost.  Many races were incredibly close.  One race we won by 100th of a second!  One we lost by 1/2 a second.  Whether we won or lost a heat, we had a blast.
One of the last heats included a boat of disabled veteran paddlers and a boat of Air Force paddlers.  While they were getting out of the canoes, everyone grabbed their paddles and created a paddle arch for them to walk under.  It was moving and really cool to be a part of.
My awesome team mates.  We got 4th place in the boat of 10 paddlers mixed team category.
My favorite photo of the day I took.
We didn't have enough women for a boat of 20, so we combined with two other teams and created team Awesome Sauce.  We got first place in the all woman category.  (We were the only all women 20 boat - ha!)  We held our own against the mixed teams of 20 and gladly took our paddling bling.
Next year they are going to make it a two day event.  Can't wait!

PS - Photo credit for the racing photos and team photos goes to Larry.


Sherri said...

Absolutely amazing!!!
You make everything look so fun...I want to be a rower!! :)

Ali said...

Paul and I really enjoy your dragon boat pictures!

Laura said...

Thanks Ali! Our last race of the season is Sept 7. I'm bummed about that. Wish we had awesome weather year round! :-)

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