Sunday, November 16, 2008


party for Larry J tonight to celebrate his birthday...

We had an awesome Mexican spread...

And a lemon birthday cake with fluffy white icing...

with homemade lemon curd.
Love lemon curd? Click here for a fast, easy, no fail, delicious every time recipe from Martha Stewart.Present time was a lot of fun.
Grandma and Grandpa Joan got him a gift certificate for guitar lessons. He is so excited to learn more!

Grandpa Ivon, Grandma Nancy, Steph and Derek went in and got Larry a barbie.
He was able to trade if he chose, which of course he did, and the present he opened was an ipod nano.
What a sigh of relief for Larry!
And we got him a new digital camera. Our new teenager has a lot to keep him busy.
Happy birthday Larry!


Ruth said...

An ipod nano bets a barbie doll any day. I feel so cool when i read your blog because I learn about the latest styles, books, music, etc.

Ruth said...

An ipod is better then a barbie doll any day.

Mary Kelly said...

What a lucky kid- or should I say, young adult?! Sounds like it was a great family get together! Happy Birthday!

Willis Family said...

What a fun birthday Larry had. Love the lemon checkerboard cake. It was really cool. An ipod and a digital camera...what a lucky guy!

Charlene said...

ha-ha, Derek wasn't kidding during his talk on Sunday, was he?

I'd love an I-pod and a new digital camera for my birthday
Thursday, too. Think it'll happen? Probably not - I should count myself lucky if I get a Barbie!!

That cake looks great! Happy Birthday, Larry!!!

Adrienne Christian said...

Happy Birthday, Larry!!! Can you believe how grown-up our boys are???!!!

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