Friday, December 31, 2010


1. No more soda
2. Get to bed before 11pm
3. Find balance
4. Simply
5. Keep moving forward

I have a huge list. A very detailed list. It's so big, as I was looking it over I was feeling a little good for nothing.
So, I've decided I'm keeping my list to 5 and will break them down, as needed, as the year progresses.

What's on your list?

PS - Can you believe that it's 2011 in less than 24 hours?!


Ivon said...

I will think about my list and let you know. Your mom and I have talked about this and plan to do some together. If one of mine was to go to bed before 11pm, it is a good thing the new year hasn't started. It is 2:03am, and I am just now getting a little tired. Love you.

neffie said...

You're list reminds me a lot about my goals for myself with this move or long holiday - whatever it ends up being. It's a good list for you and you're not a good for nothing! Have fun!

Nancy said...

You are far from good for nothing!!!! I'm just doing two that I think I can do (No, they aren't losing weight!) Happy New Year!!

Sherri said...

These are fantastic goals...they summarize my large list!

Katie said...

These summarize my long list of goals too....I've decided that I am just going to focus on one or two things at a time...and really accomplish something this year.

Full House said...

you have 45 minutes until you need to be in bed little missy. I've actually have a curfew on my list too.

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