Monday, December 27, 2010


It's that time of year again. Time for resolutions, goal setting and for reflection.
This past year has been full of ups and downs, smiles and frowns, tears and laughter, stress and joy. Looking at 2010, I see our blessings and I don't want to take them for granted. We had a wonderful year!

In January we welcomed the year with open arms, I painted the inside of the front door, made curtains for the bedrooms, won a giveaway to Alice Lane Home Collection, Larry and I found out we are related to two of our friends, I finally got my baseboards - yay me!, Josh came to visit us, I captured a common sight at our house, I accidentally glued my fingers together, I started to learn to knit (I have a confession - I still need to finish that project!), had some glow stick fun with the man clan, Landon wrote a story in preschool, I was thrilled to receive a blog comment from Eddie Ross, I made a fun apron, celebrated mom's birthday in Portland, had a giveaway, saw my first silent film, did the Love Dare Challenge and went on a super fun girl's weekend at the coast with Steph, Kim and Sarah.

In February we did a countdown to Valentine's Day with the 14 Days of Love, I went on a photo walk at Deepwood Estates, did a 6 week fitness challenge, watched the Winter Olympics, I got an awesome steam mop, we celebrated Valentine's Day, Larry and I had a super fun bowling date, I hosted Yaya's, we flew kites, we celebrated Ivon's birthday, attended a black and white movie series at a historical theater, did a photo shoot with Maddie, Lach had need for speed and celebrated Grandpa Joan and Maddie's birthday.

In March we saw the gorgeous cherry blossoms downtown, celebrated Stephanie's birthday, had an impromptu putty party, celebrated Derek's birthday, Larry grew a stache for Mustache March, we celebrated Landon's birthday, made a fondant Mario cake, decorated for Stake Women's Conference, did a virtual talent show, LongBoardLarry boards were part of the gift baskets to the actors of the movie - Straw Dogs, we celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a green gala, Larry J got his Life and Laird got his First Class, I went to a midnight dvd movie release party, the MTV Spring Product Guide featured LongBoardLarry boards, we went to the Tulip Festival, completed the living room photo wall, I learned to make chocolate covered marshmallow eggs and we celebrated Sarah's birthday.

In April Mustache March ended (yay!), we celebrated Easter, I completed my first 5K, we celebrated Mary's birthday, I visited Sherri and Kimberly in Pella, did a photo walk at the Portland Temple, made Steve wildlife sugar cookies, went to a Devotchka concert with Larry, Larry was a speaker at the National High School Journalism Convention, we got a carpet for our dining room, I received my grandfather's family bible, we celebrated Steve's birthday and celebrated Kim's 40th.

In May we celebrated May Day, had a family outing at a farm, we celebrated Larry's 40th with a fondant LongBoardLarry Humu cake, we celebrated Mother's Day at home and at Sarah's, completed a fun custom sign, we celebrated Alivia's birthday, had an awesome water fight, I had a sister weekend in San Francisco and our family had a blast in visiting San Clemente.

In June I celebrated my birthday with the Yayas, with friends, more friends, with the family and I even got kidnapped, Derek and Erica got engaged, we celebrated Michael & Michael's birthday, went to Utah and visited my grandmother and stayed with my awesome cousin, ran a 5k with family, had a mini reunion, I took Derek and Erica's engagement photos, we celebrated Father's Day, we celebrated my dad's birthday, pulled out bushes in the backyard, had a sleep over with 7 excited cousins, had lots of trampoline fun, Larry ran his first 5K and we planted our first garden.

In July Larry and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary, we celebrated Independence Day with family, the newest family and fireworks, the Yaya's had our 10 year anniversary, we painted our house and trim, I love my robin's egg blue front door!, the garage door windows got a facelift, Landon had the shopping cart incident, we started harvesting our garden, my man clan beat the heat, we had a lot of dinners at the park, I participated in fun and exciting wedding planning, Erica had a Broadway themed bridal shower, Larry was quoted in The New York Times, LongBoardLarry moved locations and Landon planned a kid party.

In August Laird's face met pain, the kids had a bachelor party, we ate lots of roadside fruit stand deliciousness, Larry surprised me with a unicycle, we saw a meteor shower, celebrated Dennis' birthday, Steve came to visit, I went to the temple with Stephanie, we had our noses waxed, Derek and Erica got married, Miriam came to visit, Laird got braces, Stephanie-Palooza began, I hiked the Trail of Ten Falls and Landon lost his first tooth.

In September Larry J's first year of high school football began, we celebrated Lach's birthday, I became allergic to animal protein and was forced to become vegan, I went whale watching and had a fun sister's weekend at the beach, we celebrated Laird's birthday, made him a fondant ipod birthday cake, went to a Pirate Festival, Jill and John became engaged, we made flubber, Stephanie started saying her goodbyes and dyed her hair purple.

In October I went to Utah with Stephanie to see her off for her Scotland adventures. While I was there I saw some Monterey friends, hiked the "Y", saw my grandmother and aunts, rented a party mobile, went to the Bonniville Salt Flats, met up with an Oregon friend, attended the morning session of General Conference, visited Hatch Family Chocolates, we had a fun going away party for Steph and then I said goodbye to her at the airport. Once home the month long Halloween fun began with spooky food, pumpkins, ghostly shenanigans, hayrides and field trips and costumes. Gaylene visited from Hawaii and Dennis and I celebrated our two year anniversary.

In November we visited Erica and Derek in Idaho, while we were on our way to Utah to pick up Lily. Larry participated in No Shave November (uggg), he made me an awesome coffee table, we celebrated Erica's birthday, Larry took me to a Brandon Flower's concert (I'm still swooning!), we celebrated Larry's birthday, we celebrated Thanksgiving, dad and I decorated his tree, Adam Colton and Adam Stokowski came to visit and there was a lot of wrestling, yoga, a voodoo challenge, biore strips, skating and snow.

In December No Shave November was over (yippee kai yay!), we had our annual peanut butter ball making, I received the coolest ornament, our community had a live nativity, I made a fondant birthday cake, we had an employee Christmas dinner, got an awesome Christmas tree at Brent and Juli's, I had the worst day ever of 2010, we celebrated Grandma Joan's birthday, my father made incredibly beautiful handcrafted pens, I had an attitude adjustment, we celebrated Christmas Eve with Papa Ivon and Mama Nanny and celebrated Christmas Day with Grandma and Grandpa Joan.

What a wonderful, wonderful year!


Kim said...

Wow you fit in a lot in 2010!! What a fun year :-)

neffie said...

What a great post! You had a great year and I'm sure 2011 will be just as exciting! Love you!

Nancy said...

You have been a very busy girl!!!

Katie said...

I love this post! You guys had such a fun and busy year.

Ivon said...

Nice recap of the year. It was fun to do many of the events with you. :)

Full House said...

and i have enjoyed every moment of these events that you have shared. heres to a new year,,,

Sherri said...

What a magnificent year!!!
I am so happy I got to be part of it..and make the post...yippee!!!

The Steve said...

Forgot to mention you forgot my birthday until I mentioned it :D

Laura said...

Steve, Stevie, Stevie-Poo, I never forgot your birthday. If you remember correctly, you received a wonderful happy birthday rendition from the man clan and I. I put up your blog birthday shout out late, but I did not for get my big brother's birthday. Never, never. Love you! :-)

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