Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We used Textile Grey on the walls and Brilliant White on the ceiling and molding. We had white paint left over from the baseboard project, so paint was 24.95. It would have been less, but I wasn't thinking and got a gallon.

The tub we took out was 28" wide and was replaced with a 30" wide. We would have loved to go wider and WAY deeper, but the super deep ones start at 32" and the tub space we had to work with couldn't go wider than 30".
We saved and purchased our tub last summer at 40% off. It's one that feels like cast iron but it isn't. The great thing about this tub is that it is insulated and keeps the bath water super warm for a long time. It also has a slanted back for a relaxing soak.
The new shower curtain was 26.99 and we installed our curved shower rod that we already had.
Larry changed out the plumbing so we wouldn't get scalded when someone flushes the toilet while you're showering. We got the new faucet/shower (and all the inside necessities) at 40% off.
We were thrilled to find subway tile at Lowes for .23 a tile. We tiled the surround up to the ceiling for 113.46.
Our floor was on sale for 1.58 a tile and was completed for 56.88.
A big expense was the behind the scene items needed to complete the projects: hardie backer, cement board, thin set, grout, sealer, caulk, etc... The 'etc..' came to just over 300.

Left on the bathroom TO-DO list:
-repaint the existing vanity brilliant white - cost .00
-paint and install baseboards - cost .00
-purchase and install new hardware
-make a new counter top (if this turns out like I hope, it will be rad!)
-purchase and install new sink
-purchase and install new sink faucet
-purchase a new bathroom door

When all the projects are complete, we will have transformed the bathroom, sub-floor to ceiling, for well under 1500.00


neffie said...

Yay!!! congratulations!

Charlene said...

Looks great! I like the grey paint color!

Nancy said...

I love your new bathroom, money well spent!! I like your new shower curtain too!

5Youngers said...

Love the subway tiles! Can't wait to see it in person!

Ivon said...

I remember, "Under $1000 and it will be finished before you come home in a week." Love you!

Ardith Haws said...

Your clean, simple tastes are flawless. Just beautiful!

Katie said...

It looks amazing! I think you just need to come out here and decorate my house.

Sherri said...

It looks great!
Way to stick to your budget!

Full House said...

That looks fresh and clean..we have the same shower curtain too.

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