Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Q. - How did you get Lily to hold the red lips?
A. - Lach dropped his on the ground and she took them and ran. It wasn't planned. If it had been planned, it probably wouldn't have worked!

Q. - Did you really tuck your skirt into your nylons at the wedding reception?
A. - Yes! Unfortunately, I did! I went to the loo and confidently walked down the hall to say goodbye to some new family members. My mother-in-law and friend, Heidi McCuistion, stopped me from walking further down the hall. Their poor eyes!

Q. - Are you still eating vegan? Some of your recipes are using butter, milk and eggs.
A. - Yes, I am still allergic to animal protein. I substitute Earth Balance for my butter, almond milk for milk and Ener G for eggs in my baking. I just haven't been putting the vegan info of substitutions at the end of every recipe.


Katie said...

Oh man...I just can't get over how much I love that picture of Lily!

Kim said...

The best pics are usually unplanned ~ fun!

Sherri said...

Oh those lips!!!!

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