Tuesday, October 18, 2011


because I would be fined big time for last nights dinner spread.
Ideas from the man clan started rolling and last night ended up being an impromptu Halloween dinner picnic movie night and I let them pick the menu.We spread a blanket on the living room floor in front of the tv and laid out the food. After much deliberation about what movie to watch, Monster House vs DragonHeart, we had a movie night smorgasbord.

Main Dish - mummy hot dogs with face decoration of ketchup and mustard
Side Dishes - candy corn, chocolate covered pretzels, Halloween gummy worms, popcorn
Dessert - witch fingers

With that menu, you'd never know that there was a mama in the house, but it was fun.

PS - DragonHeart won.


Nancy said...

They're going to remember the fun picnic more than a salad and veggies!!

Ivon said...

Such fun. Maybe we can try this too. Just call us copy cats. Love you.

Ruth Rivera said...

ooo nice. love the candy corn those are my fave halloween candy.

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