Monday, October 17, 2011


I ran my first half marathon with Molly, Jamie and Heidi this weekend. I've been taking a running clinic at Gallagher's but am not at half marathon running level yet. Sunday, I was wondering what I got myself into but I knew I'd have fun.
The atmosphere was electric. 3000 women running, walking, skipping, some even wearing tutus and pink wigs, bonding for a cause - breast cancer awareness.Along the course Larry and Lach, Shane, Mikel and Haley were there high fiving and encouraging. It was so fun seeing and hearing them.As we crossed the finish line we received water bottles and a necklace from the firefighters. As we got food and ate there was a band playing, people cheering and hugging. It was awesome.

The break down of my race:
I ran the first 10 miles. I felt great at mile 6 but then I felt myself get slower. At mile 10 my legs were screaming at me and on the verge of cramping. I walked 2 miles and ran the last 1.1 miles. I'm a slow runner so my goal was to run the race in 3 hours. I beat my goal! My time was 2:59:03. I couldn't believe that with walking 2 miles I still beat my time by 57 seconds!


Mary Kelly said...

That is awesome!!! I am planning on doing a 1/2 next summer.

Laura said...

Mary, we are running a half in April at Race for the Roses. Do you want to run with us?

Nancy said...

What an accomplishment, I'm proud of you!!! (even though you walk like me now, hee hee!).

Sherri said...

This is awesome!
I am so proud of you!
I love your outfits!

neffie said...

I LOVE that you beat your 3 hour goal!! good for you!

(I hope you running 10 miles was approved by your clinic instructor because that definitely varried from your original plan. I don't want to burst your bubble, I just don't want you to injure yourself.)

But with that said, look at you running 10 miles straight! I think you can longer say "I want to be a runner" because girl, you ARE a runner! :-)

I'm proud of you

Paige said...

Way to go!!!

Ivon said...

Hey girl, I am proud of you. Love you.

Eliot's Mom said...

A-MAZING!! That is quite the accomplishment, chica! Way to go! Wish I lived closer to I could run one with ya!

Baller family said...

That is awesome Laura!! Way to go! Hope you and the family are all doing well. We miss ya!

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