Friday, April 27, 2012


I've been having problems with shin splints.  Thanks to guidance from my Gallagher Running Clinic leaders and compression socks, they are healing quite well but they could be better.
We have come to the conclusion that my calves are the culprit of my shin ailments, so I purchased The Grid today.

I had NO IDEA my calves were so tight!  After 5 minutes of "YOWZA!" and some achy face expressions, I couldn't believe how that hurt made me feel so good!  I was so excited with the difference, I used it full body.  I can't wait to notice the difference on Monday from today.  My muscles are going to be on their way to Loosey Goosey City and I'm so happy!

Trigger Point is my new best friend.  Shin splint riddance is afoot.


Nancy said...

I'm glad you have the guidance you need to help do your best!

Sherri said...

I have never heard of this!!
Sounds amazing!!

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