Wednesday, April 25, 2012


was a yummy, fun lunch with the Soul Sisters.  Do you remember when Dwight showed up with roses and a smooch at our last lunch?  Well, Jared showed up with a birthday balloon with two candy bars that red "you get to SKOR with a BIG HUNK" and a bouquet of flowers for Neysa, his beautiful wife, and chocolate kisses, balloons and three yellow roses for the rest of us.

We were talking about how we are going to be disappointed when we don't have a husband show up at one of our lunches with a surprise for us!  Larry needs to put his thinking cap on....

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Sherri said...

Totally using it! I love all LOVE ideas! I need to post the awesome candy gram that Cindy's mother in law gave her...and then I borrowed...and it is adorable!
I love this!

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