Tuesday, June 4, 2013


and have I have some of her bushes in my garden.  Beautiful white peonies.
Recently I discovered a little gem, Adelman Peony Gardens.  They have a gorgeous little display garden with  methodically placed benches.  Admiring the beautiful flowers and peaceful landscape makes my soul and senses happy.  

They have many bushes you can purchase during bloom time and also blooms by the stem.
One of the most impressive parts is in the nursery - hundreds (I believe something like 350) varieties of gorgeous blooms on display.  Absolutely stunning.
Adelman Garden will definitely be an annual outing to admire and also continue learning how to care for my grandmother's bushes so that I can enjoy them for many years to come.


Monica said...

Leave it to Oregon to have plenty of hidden gardens just waiting to be discovered ... You have mentioned your grandma's peonies before, and now they remind me of you! To my delight, I have a few plants in my own backyard (and only knew what they were because of you!). I have mixed feelings about cutting them as they bloom to fill my house with pretty bouquets or just let them be ... Missin' you, friend! Happy early birthday!

Laura said...

Cut them and bring them in. They'll make you smile every time you walk past the vase. :-)

The Mulligan Family said...

You should visit the Oregon Garden in springtime too. When we were there earlier this month there were tons of peony's in bloom. I thought of you when I saw them!

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