Thursday, June 6, 2013


Last night was Yaya night and we were celebrating my birthday and Kathy's.  Adrienne planned a fun bbq with a sweet 16 flashback, complete with pink tiaras for the us birthday girls and 80's music.
Kathy and I have celebrated together for 13 years and counting.
We had an assortment of yummy cupcakes from Twinsies - they sell vegan cupcakes - yay me!
We were trying to get a photo with all the sweet 16 candles lit and a fake blow - didn't work out so well, candles melted super fast and we couldn't stop giggling.  It was hilarious.
We all brought a picture of us in the 80's.  This is me in the 80's with my bestie Kristen.
Want to see my presents?  I got a super cool succulent pot from Brenda.  I'm ecstatic about it! It's gorgeous and has some starts of chicks and hens from her pot.  And, I got cool new shades from A that won't fall off my face running or paddling.  They're rad and I absolutely LOVE them.
I am super delicious to mosquitoes, so Kathy got me some citrus body butter and spray.  I'm putting it to the test when I'm in Arizona next week.  Cindy got me two sets of monogrammed dessert plates.  I'm so excited to eat my birthday cake on them tomorrow.
To make the day EVEN BETTER, earlier I had lunch with my Soul Sisters at Marco Polo.  I received a very generous gift certificate to Amazon and spent the afternoon purchasing things from my Amazon wishlist to help with my urban farming dreams.

All these lasses did some serious spoiling yesterday.  I'm so thankful that I have known them for so long and have them in my life.  These women are amazing and we've been through a lot over the years.  They teach me how to be a better woman, friend, wife and mother.  I love their guts.


The Laundry Queen said...

How great that you have such fantastic and supportive friends. I'm super delicious to mosquitos, too, so let me know how that stuff works.

Laura said...

I'll definitely let you know if it will keep the skeeters away!

The Mulligan Family said...

Love you Laura. I'm so glad that we're friends and that I get to celebrate you every year. I'm glad this year was a wonderful celebration and I'm happy that you like the plates. I knew I had to get them for you the minute I saw them. (and I've had them for MONTHS!)
Love you friend - C.

Sherri said...

Birthdays are just too much fun...and you know how to celebrate fully!

Blogger said...

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