Tuesday, August 17, 2010


is what I want to do.
I've heard rumors there is zorbing in the northwest but my googling skills are failing me - I can't find ANY info for this area....If you know of a place, please let me know.
Merci beaucoup.


Maria Berg said...

Sorry never hear about it.

The photo is from a park
- http://mariaberg-garden.blogspot.com/2010/06/tradgardsresa-1-sofiero.html
It did get a award the most beautiful park in Europe 2009!

Lots of fun with the out-of town people. And the hike look very fun/nice to walk.
When your sister stay in Scotland it is not that long by plane to Sweden - hope she will come visit.


Ps. Have you done the apple pie.

Everton Terrace said...

Same here - never even heard of it until this moment! Looks scary but fun.

Kim said...

I think I'd feel like a giant hamster....but in a good way!

Nancy said...

You have me stumped!

neffie said...

I'm googling! If you live in TN you can do this. I'll let you know! :-)

Laura said...

That's what I found too, I can't find any info for our area. It has to be here! :-)

Laura said...

Maria, I'm making the cake tomorrow. I have the apples already. Can't wait! :-)

ZORB Guru said...

Hi Laura,

I am a representative of ZORB - the company that has developed the sport of globe riding (rolling down a hill in a large inflatable ball) since 1995.

The only ZORB location in the US is in Pigeon Forge, TN - see www.zorb.com/smoky for more info.

There are some 'copy-cat' operators that claim to be affiliated with us, however we are aware that some of these are unsafe operations. I would recommend visiting our website for more information.

Hope this helps!


Sherri said...

First off...how cool! Absolutely love it! I am going to TN!
Next, how did you get Zorb to comment on your blog...super duper cool!

MRNMSA said...

Pigeon Forge is a very popular vacation destination for the people that live back there. If you do go back there to go Zorbing (looks really fun!) I'm sure you would have lots of fun. But it is really hot and humid in the summertime back there-so maybe fall or spring would be a better time to go. ; ) Just my 2 cents.
Fun website to check out: http://www.pigeonforge.com/

Katie said...

Holy cow.....that's crazy! Knowing how well I handle roller coasters, I'm thinking this would be a bit hard on my tummy.

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