Tuesday, January 11, 2011


of a game was so sad!
Despite the loss, we had fun watching the championship game and the man clan and I had so much fun cheering for the Ducks.

On our simple, but delicious, game watching menu we had:
Roast beef and Turkey Grinders
Veggie Grinders
A warm vegan Mexican layer dip
Lots of chips
Vegan green and yellow sugar cookies in "O" shapes

Congratulations Ducks on a great season!!


Ivon said...

A great season it was, and it looks like your party dishes were a success. Love you.

Kim said...

Bummer for the game but PROPS to your fun party!!!

Sherri said...

I have got to get a tv....Mark had to go to the neighbors to watch the game...which he said was excellent!

Nancy said...

Looks so fun, I love the green and yellow cookies!!

Katie said...

Love the idea for the cookies...it was a bummer of a loss...but a fun game to watch!

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