Monday, January 3, 2011


I was asked to do a review on some items from the Harry Potter line at and can I just tell you the fun the wee ones have been having!
I chose a child's Gryffindor robe, Harry Potter wand, Harry Potter glasses and a lantern. There have been spells cast all over our house and all the items are holding up to 3 and 5 year old play very well. Truthfully, I have only positive things to say about what we received and
The top 5 fav's about the items/process:
1. Customer Service was amazing. There was a slight mix-up with one of the items, it was fixed immediately and I received the proper item within days.
2. They told me I could keep the mix-up item too. If anyone needs to borrow an adult petticoat, you know where you can borrow one from.
3. The robe has an adorable clasp and hood.
4. The lantern lights up and the wee ones are already making plans to have it next time we do indoor camping.
5. The wand is a good weight and not flimsy. We have had wands in the past that are bent within the first 30 minutes. We have had all the items for about a week and they are holding up superbly.


Ivon said...

This is a great post. Your review is so positive. I must say, it the items didn't hold up, you wee ones would have trashed it by now. Love you.

neffie said...

How fun to review products! Landon looks like he's so proud of this experience! Cute! Glad they held up to the wee ones. I can see them having a blast with those.

Janice said...

How cool is that? I didn't even know they had such elaborate merchandise like that for Harry Potter. My children would love that!

You say the lantern lights up? That's perfect :)

Have they done a lot of pretending? Role Playing?

Nancy said...

I'm loving how cute Landon looks in this costume!! With the imagination he has, I see so much fun in his future!!!

Sherri said...

oooooooooooo I love costumes! I should wear one everyday!!!
Your pictures are priceless!!!

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