Tuesday, May 10, 2011


are breathtaking! It's hard to even describe how deep the colors are and the awe you feel. You stand there amazed, talking about how they really look like painted hills and it was funny how surprised we sounded as we gawked at them. They are beyond beautiful and the colored hills pop out at you from the deserty wilderness that surrounds them.
One of the trails is a 1/4 mile boardwalk that puts you up close and personal. It was so fun to take a closer look.
On a side note, we had the craziest weather while we were there. Sun, rain sprinkles, pelting hail storm and more sun.
We were told the colors of the hills look different every time you come. We definitely will be coming here again.
The Painted Hills are a must see!


Sherri said...

Seriously? Where did you guys go? Is this close to you! I am in awe!

Kim said...

Absolutely beautiful!! Seriously it looks like Zion's park right here in our own little Oregon!

Nancy said...

I wasn't aware we even had anything like this in Oregon...

Katie said...

Holy cow...those pictures are amazing. What a pretty place to visit!

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