Monday, May 23, 2011


is a yummy treat we like to get while we are at the beach. Our favorite place to stop at is Candyland in Lincoln City.
This green depression glass bowl belonged to my Grandma Betty and it's filled with our sweet salt water taffy.
Seeing this bowl filled with our sweet morsels makes me smile twice, once for my Grandma Betty memories and a second for our beach memories.
Our favorite taffy flavors? Vanilla, Mint, Peanut Butter and Molasses.
The man clan also likes to bring home micro mini jawbreakers.
What is your favorite sweet treat to bring home from the beach?


Paige said...

MMMmmmm!! We've been there before, salt water taffy is NOM!

Charlene said...

Licorice and/or peppermint salt water taffy...Dang it! Now I want some....

Kim said...

My grandparents had a ceramic dish that always held caramels or butterscotches....unfortunately, I didn't get lucky enough to own it. It does bring me fond memories though, when I think about it and them!

Katie said...

I LOVE this dish....what a treasure!

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