Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So we took the boys zip-lining at Out 'N' About treehouse zip-lines in Cave Junction.

The lines vary in height, distance and speed. The highest run is at 70 feet, we zip-lined 725 linear feet across a meadow, on two of the runs we zip-lined 650 linear feet and on one run you can get to up to 40 mph!
On one of the runs, I went upside down!

If you ask my man clan if they did, the answer will be a big fat nope. They were wearing shorts and that's against the upside down rules. At least they got to use the swivel attachment, so they could spin.
Zip-lining was the highlight of our weekend getaway. SO.MUCH.FUN.

Next time we go back, we are going to stay in one of the treehouses. This place is seriously cool, exhilarating, and the staff are incredible.

One tip for when you go. Don't be foolish, thinking that the basic package will leave you satisfied, because it won't. You are going to want to do the full enchilada. Trust us. It's worth every penny.

AND, don't forget to wear pants so you can zip-line upside down.


Ardith Haws said...

You are making the most of your summer! Thank you for sharing these amazing experiences. What a boring life I lead.....

Paige said...

Laura you are so hard core! That's definitely a place I need to visit.

Katie said...

What a fun weekend! You guys are cramming so many awesome things into your summer!

The Mudmom said...

That is AWESOME!!! and those treehouses look AMAZING! You totally need to stay in one next time. My boys are asking me when THEY can go there...lol.

"Maybe soon boys, Maybe soon!!!

Sherri said...

This is freaking awesome...and freaking freaky!

julie said...


Baller family said...

I've heard about that place! How fun! Looks like you are having a great summer. Hope all is well with you and the family Laura! Take care.

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